Honored and happy with the visit of the partners VAM Realities, a project that aims to create a solid base of knowledge on the tools and skills available on the market on Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR) and Virtual Reality (VR) technologies and create a community of reference in these technologies at a European level.

We look to the future, always!

It is always exciting to arrive on the day  of the #poweron of the new #cuttolengthline.
One again we are ahead of schedule thanks to team’s hard work.

Our plants are known throughout the #stainlesssteel world for their reliability, the quality of the finished product and their ease of use.

The success of our customers is proof of the quality of our technical solutions. #novastilmec #QualityCoilLines

SLITTER HEAD 600×3 Stainless: Revamp #success !
In operation since 1997 it’s time to refresh some parts.
Only Novastilmec S.p.A | Quality Coil Lines we warranty original spare parts.
Perfect timing and quality assurance of work were essential for the success of the work and customer satisfaction.
“The dial gauge that swing in the hundredth of a millimetre is the satisfaction of a job well done!” #slittingline.
Plan your maintenance, reduce your downtime!

Erection of the new #novastilmec #cuttolength line able to process #duplex stainless up to 12mm thickness and 2m wide.
With a total length of 100 meters will be another milestone in our road map.
#onlythebestisgoodenough #coilprocessingsolution #qualitycoillines

 plant up and running with a brand new Novastilmec shear.
An example of state of art mechanical integration, engineering on demand and reliable supply. #readyforthenext

We believe that to be able to offer the best product,  a continuos and constant update is needed to explore new technologies and deal with the world. For this reason we are confident and hopeful that in this coming edition the pandemic will not stop us and meeting us in this new first live date after almost two years of restrictions will  again be possibile.

We look forward to meeting you at our booth at BlechExpo which will be held in Stuttgart in October and we will be happy to meet you and introduce Novastilmec Spa.


Inoltre nel 2022 ci saranno altri due appuntamenti importanti di eventi / fiere di settore.