Cut To Length– Levelling

Novastilmec produces cut to length lines for cold – hot rolled material, galvanized, pre-painted steel coils, cold and hot rolled stainless steel, aluminum, high-strength material, levelling and cutting of Duplex, Domex and ultra-high-strength materials.

The cut to length lines can be equipped with ROTRONSYSTEM © rotating shears, FLYTRONIC © flying shears or TILTING oscillating shears, rotating and flying.

The heart of the line are the single or synchronized multi-cylindrical leveling machines, capable of handling any type of material.
Novastilmec leveling machines do guarantee a high rate of plastic deformation of the material with a consequent added value for the customer’s final product.
The line is completed with single or double box stackers with NO-STOP, magnetic and vacuum stacker operating modes.


As anticipated, these lines can be manufactured evaluating different types of shears:

  • ROTRONSYSTEM © rotating shear
  • FLYTRONIC © flying shear
  • TILTING oscillating shear, rotating and flying

Our cut to length lines can process various steel materials:

  • cold or hot rolled
  • galvanized
  • pre-painted
  • cold or hot rolled laminated stainless steel

Furthermore, our work is focused on the worikng and process steps of leveling material such as aluminum, ultra-high-strength materials and the leveling and cutting of Duplex, Domex.

Multi-cylinder leveling machines do play a very important role in the leveling in the cut to lengh line that are able to treat any type of material, while working individually or in a synchronized manner.
Novastilmec levelers are essential because they guarantee a high deformation rate of the material and consequently allow the achievement of the leveling quality suitable for cutting.
Our precision leveling machines remove all the corrugations and curves of the sheet with consequent added value for the customer’s final product.
Last but not least, the system is completed with single or double box stackers with magnetic and vacuum stacker NO-STOP operating modes


The thicknesses reached with our cutting shears

Our shears, rotating or flying, do have particular characteristics in order to meet different customers needs and reach the desired coil thickness desidered.


Have a look at the section of accessories to complete the Novastilmec leveling and cut to length production lines.


Rotating or flying shear with magnetic or vacuum stacker


Coils 10 ÷ 30 Tons
Thickness 0.2 ÷ 4 mm
Width 200 ÷ 2200 mm
Speed 40 ÷ 120 m/min


Flying or rotating shears with magnetic or racket stacker.


Coils 15 ÷ 36 Tons
Thickness 1,5 ÷ 12 mm
Width 500 ÷ 2200 mm
Speed 40 ÷ 80 m/min


Flying shear stacker bomb door.


Coils 15 ÷ 42 Tons
Thickness 3 ÷ 25,4 mm
Width 500 ÷ 2200 mm
Speed 20 ÷ 40 m/min
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