Packing Lines for stripes and packs (bundle/batch)

Novastilmec produces also packing lines, for coils and batches.

To complete the lines (cut to lenght and slitting), Novastilmec manufactures automatic lines capable of strapping and packing the cutted material in size of the cut-to-length line.

Automatic coil packing lines

The packing lines for coils are lines that do complete the longitudinal cutting lines.
They are in fact modular lines assembled downstream of the slitter.
Specifically, these conveyor packing lines are used to pick up each single coil, strap it radially and stack it, while forming a pile/bundle.
This bundle is then strapped on a pallet and it is weighed and labeled.


Radial, circumferential strapping, weighing and stacking.


Diameter2200 mm
Strip.6000 Kg
Stacks.12000 Kg

Automatic packing lines for batches

The packing lines are a completion of the CUT TO LENGTH lines.
These lines allow automatic strapping (in a transversal and/or longitudinal way) and you can choose to apply the option wih or without wooden beam, packing and weighing of the pack.
These are all automatic processes that do end with the labeling of the package.

The lines are also provided to operate with pallet, nacked package or with a wooden beam.


Transversal, longitudinal strapping, weighing and packaging.


Diameter0.5 – 25.4mm
Strip.500 – 2200mm
Stacks.200 – 6000kg

The materials of packing lines

The materials of the specific packing lines are:

  • cold and hot rolled steel
  • galvanized
  • pre-painted
  • cold and hot rolled stainless steel
  • aluminum
  • high-strength material
  • leveling and cutting of Duplex, Domex
  • ultra-high-strength materials

Production for industrial cutting and packing

Novastilmec is the Italian company that produces equippment and lines for the industrial cutting of steel and other ultra-resistant material coils.
These lines are capable to cut an incoming coil into cross or longitudinal sections, by cutting sheets or strips.
The cuts will be appropriately managed by our packing systems.

The cutting lines do cover the entire range of tape thicknesses, from the thinnest to the heaviest.

Novastilmec does not just build the lines, it also supplies to its customers all the useful accessories to customize the machines, according to the specific treatments required. Additionally it offers also assistance and maintenance services and a complete automatic control service system, using particular software designed for managing safety, even by remote service available on the lines.

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